In a nutshell

In a nutshell

Developing a business is difficult. We've been there, we know what it takes. That's why we want to remove the annoying barriers so you can focus on the real business challenges. We join your journey early and have an ecosystem of experts, founders and operators to support you every step of the way.

Shoulder to shoulder

You have a big, audacious goal, a great idea. Parts of the development puzzle are clear, other parts are missing. We help you develop your business side by side.

What kind of company? Two elements are crucial. A great customer experience will make the difference and IT is the invisible enabler.

Our input or contribution? We structure your development process according to the scale-up approach. As a team we monitor development, challenge you and support you with knowledge, experience and financing.

We work Shoulder to Shoulder

Niki Your Travel Buddy

Niki Your Travel Buddy

Niki is an app that allows you to take tours of any city in the world.

I guide your journey via voice guidance to the most beautiful places in a city. Choose a tour that suits you, based on your preferences and available time, and I will show you the city in a unique way.

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What we do

We have decades of experience building companies. Our team supports our businesses with what they need, when they need it: from operational support to investment capital. We manage everything necessary to let our co-founders focus on building the product and executing sales. A selection of the things we support our businesses with include business formation, product management, branding, growth, operations and talent.

The next step

The next step

Do you want to be involved in our next big thing? We organize an inspiring and diverse community of entrepreneurs and market experts, by invitation only, who want to collaborate, share knowledge and stimulate the creation of new businesses. Check out what we're up to next and let's connect!

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